Friday, March 4, 2011

Why no love for Hardcore, Treyarch?

Treyarch isn't the first to start this annoying tradition of Hardcore players being left with less game modes and options than those who enjoy to unload full clips to kill other players but they certainly make sure that we get shafted in newer ways.

First of all, no hardcore combat training? Really? How hard would this be to implement?

At least Infinity Ward gave us playlists for the new map packs for both Hardcore and Core. Does Treyarch? Nope. You wanna play only the newest maps? Gotta play Core. Lame.

What about contracts? At least they give us Hardcore contracts, right? Wrong. They give us Hardcore operations contracts some days but there's usually only two and there are many days when we're not even offered a single Hardcore operations contract. How hard would it be to make a Team Deathmatch contract completable in both Hardcore and Core?

Leaderboards. Shit, don't get me started on Leaderboards. There's not even a leaderboard for Hardcore: HQ.

Infinity Ward had the right idea with Hardcore: HQ and Hardcore: Search and Destroy, ricochet. Why Treyarch couldn't/wouldn't implement such a helpful game rule to these two game modes is beyond me.

Oh yeah, did I mention that CoD games usually ship lacking a couple of Hardcore game modes? Black Ops was no exception. If I recall, we didn't have HQ or CTF. While I understand that we usually don't have CTF (although I don't know why not, we should get the same game modes as core), EVERY CALL OF DUTY SINCE COD 4 HAS HAD HARDCORE HQ!!!! They always wait until the second or third week after the game has been released to give us a couple of more game modes, HQ always included even though it was in the previous CoD as a Hardcore option.

I somewhat understand Treyarch/Infinity Ward's reasoning for not putting in too many Hardcore game modes, they don't want to dillude the Hardcore player base and make it harder to find a game. After all, we do have a smaller player base than Core but I'm pretty sure it's only slightly smaller.

We shouldn't have to put up with any of this, especially since most of them have easy fixes.


  1. I can't believe that Treyarch is still allowed to make CoD games..

  2. Sorry I can't stand COD games.. Halo is more it for me.

  3. @Chris Divincenzo
    <3 halo! :D

    First of all, no hardcore combat training?
    well, multiplayer? ^^

  4. I hear that. hardcore needs more game modes. core isnt even worth playing most of the time. when half a mag doesnt kill someone, you have to ask, why am i playing this?